Friday, August 05, 2011

SUPERMAN STEPS FORWARD: Henry Cavill's First In-Suit Superman Sighting

More than Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises or the news Marvel is looking at Dr Strange as their next 'big' feature film, the flick I am looking forward to most is Man of Steel. Superman needs to be in Hollywood and with talent like  Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, I'm betting this time round Superman will hit the box-office with a punch the likes of which only a Kryptonian can deliver.

Giving that hit-power a fresh face comes today's first pic of Zack Snyder's Superman reboot Superman. With Henry Cavill sporting what looks like the classic Super-threads, albeit toned down and not so primary, the anticipation for June 14, 2013 to roll around just went from 60 to 100 faster than a speeding bullet.


  1. Pensol4:12 pm

    Right. I actually liked Thor, Captain America was beyond awesome but now these pics have got me pumped for DC's Man of Steel! Come on DC, show those poozers at Marvel you can bring the cinematic badassery as well as they can! Help us all to wash away the memory of the metrosexual tedium that was Superman Returns.

  2. I agree Pensol - I hope there is some full on scenes in Man of Steel that show what a super-man backed into a corner can do. Not on a Kingdom Come kind of level but not far off. Don't get me wrong the Reeve movies are pretty much biblical to me, but I think Hollywood's at the stage now where the threat posed in Superman two can be upgraded even further..

  3. Pensol8:52 am

    I loved the Reeve movies - the first two, at least - just not
    Returns. I mean, a Superman flick should have some actual ACTION going on! And while I'm OK with using Zod as the Big Bad here I'd really love it if one of the sequels included a Michael Bay-Transformers-level throwdown with Brianiac. Give me that and I can die happy!

  4. Michael Bay sure seems to divide folks doesn't he? I've hung out for a live action Brainiac forever. That would invent new ways to rule. Especially if the tentacle-head spaceship gets worked into things!

    Other rouges I'd like to see - Metallo, and of course Darkseid!

  5. Pensol2:14 pm

    Darkseid. Cthulhu's nipples, yessss!! Maybe save Monsieur Bay for that one, eh? There's an argument to be made that MB's stuff is a bit vapid but let's face it the man never made himself out to be the second coming of Hitchcock. For your summer actioner popcorn spectacle flick there really is no one better. As such he's perfect for Superman!

  6. Can you imagine how Apokolips would look on the screen in all it's Kirby-greatness? The Furies, the dogs of Darkseid, maybe even Steppenwolf and Kalibak - it's just almost to much to imagine...

  7. I do think effects are catching up with Superman's powers so there should be some interest there, hopefully also a great story. I like the look of the pic, it strangely reminds me a lot of George Reeves or even Dean Cain, with the slicked back hair. I think what's needed is a way to bring the audience into Supes' powers in the same way the new Spidey movie looks to be doing. But yeah, I want the MOS to have foes on his scale, hope the movie provides.

  8. He Aaron - thanks for that!

    I completely agree, I thought he looked a lot like Dean Cain when I first saw it too. Hopefully the movie takes a little less 'Days of our Lives' road than that show did ;D