Saturday, August 20, 2011

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Steve Epting Returns To The Fantastic Four (Preview)

No offence intended to any of the brilliant artists that have penned FF over the last few months, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph it is great to see Steve Epting back onboard the title, with this the preview to issue eight (especially inked by Paul Mounts)!

Being a die-hard Epting fan since his run on The Avengers I may be a little bias, but his modern look and tone perfectly suits Jonathan Hickman's tale of a futuristic quartet (yes, including Spider-Man) aligning themselves with many of their greatest enemies (yes, including Dr Doom), to defeat evil Reed's from multiple dimensions.

Wait, you're going to fight Reed's more calculating than you are, with untrustable guys like The Wizard and Victor at your side and you're letting your strongest asset, The Invisible Woman, sit this one out? Mr Fantastic, are you sure you're the smartest dude on the planet?


  1. that is some wickedly sophisticated art. aside from the head line clip art you used Dan that opening panel with Susan Richards sitting in that chair with her legs crossed is awesome too.

  2. Oddly enough Dave the first time I drafted the post - that was the intro shot I used. Had a very Basic Instinct feel to it huh?