Sunday, August 07, 2011

THINGS I'LL MISS ABOUT THE OLD DCU DAY 3: Black Canary As JLA Founding Member

Okay, I know this one has been retconned for a while now as DC pushes forward that the trinity or big seven formed the JLA, however I've always believed you can have your blondes and your amazons too. Plus who doesn't want to see more of Jim Lee's Canary?

The best proof of what a difference her involvement makes is Mark Waid and Barry Kitson's JLA: Year One maxi-series, which I firmly submit as must have reading for any fan of the medium, DC fan or not.

Here Canary not only serves as a bridge between her Mum's turn in the mantle as part of the Justice Society and the League - name-dropping to her teammates at any given opportunity - her personal story of mild-mannered brunette florist by day-job / motorcycle riding, blonde super-hero by passion grounds both the team and the development of the headstrong butt-kicker she will go on to become.

While she will always be the most natural fit for League Chair in my eyes, it's not a case of Diana or Dinah, as some seem to boil it down to. Writer Gail Simone's run on Wonder Woman proved how well the two compliment each other - they are the female 'World's Finest'!

Canary won't exactly go unheard of in the DCnU 52, headlining the new Birds of Prey series alongside Poison Ivy. Still, I'm sure if Batman can serve on multiple teams at once so could comics best fishnet clad fighter (Sorry Zatanna).


  1. Pensol8:17 am

    "Score." "Jerk." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Snerk.* DC was teh funny in ye olde days. But I really REALLY wish they wouldn't keep doing this reboot thing so often. It can make one think that there is something wrong, when oftentimes there isn't.

    Actually, and I think I might have said this before, but you know who could use a big full-on reboot? Marvel. I think it would be interesting to see the results after some gigantic Secret Crisis of the Full Throttle Infinity Whatsit kicked over the House of Idea's anthill.

  2. You know Pensol I was just thinking that the other day - what would happen if Marvel had a crisis. Not so long ago it would've been easy to argue both the X and Spidey franchises had moved to far away from their core - but with Spider-Island and Schism things look to be heading back in the right direction.

    Still it is interesting to think what would happen - they definitely would need to name it Secret Crisis of the Full Throttle Infinity Whatsit though - that is genius!

  3. I'd love to see Marvel clean up their messes a bit too.

  4. I'd love to see Marvel hire writers for their core books that don't decide to change everything just because they can, or to be "new" and "edgy". But that's just me. What do I know.

    I love Black Canary. As long as she's around somewhere I'm happy, but I'm always happier when she's in charge. Because that's where she belongs. And if they permanently get rid of the fishnets I'm writing letters of protest.

  5. I think Spider-Man is the best example of that Random. Spidey was a rock solid title when the character was at ground level. He didn't fight world beaters, and just had fairly relatable personal crises' and the scale of his stories were decent but not exactly world rocking - and it was brilliant.

    When you have one headline grabbing day after the other you fall into the same pit as movie sequels - what tops this? And then like any sensationalism albeit comic deaths or Lady Gaga's wardrobe, the public get bored/used to it and the press it generates dies down, with allot of the press recipients feeling burnt and no longer interested.

    In comics case it's accelerated by the fact they're monthly - there's not a years wait between instalments as there is in Hollywood.

    Meanwhile characters that have stuck to the old Spidey formula and not reinventing the universe every month, books like Secret Six and Captain Britain and MI13 remain dependable great reads right til their overlooked end.

    (Hops off soapbox - sorry :D. I just really want comics in printed form to survive. And sometimes I feel the hype can actually work against that).

  6. Pensol2:40 pm

    I actually wouldn't mind if comics went all-digital; web comics like Penny Arcade were my first exposure to the medium after all. If they want to keep on with the dead tree version I think they will have to move to the format Manga uses - giant-ass 200-page monstrosities containing several titles. If not then just print deluxe format Graphic Novels from time to time so I can read the entire story in one sitting. I'd shell out for that no question.

  7. That's one thing I loved about Crossgen is you could get these mass digests of the various books in their range from a few months prior - and it definitely made me look into titles I would never have prior!

    Imagine that for Superman or X-Men! Mind you with everything written as a multi-story arc these days that might be a little hard..

    But yeah I'm dead tree fan - I just link the touch and kinetic aspect to comics so I don't get it on the screen. Still Pensol if you get an email one day asking how I do the online comic thing you'll know I've changed my mind!