Tuesday, August 23, 2011

THE TUESDAY TUSSLE: Livio Ramondelli vs Apocalypse

The Tuesday Tussle; the biggest illustrators squaring off against pop's biggest icons - icons you never thought they'd touch. This week, when IDW selected Livio Ramondelli to draw their Transformers titles they struck pure gold. But putting Megatron aside for a minute, let's see him tackle an even bigger believer of 'survival of the fittest', Marvel's Apocalypse. Fight!

WINNER: En Sabah Nur. That has to be the best shot of Apocalypse I've ever seen! Not only does Apocalypse Rising contrast the X-Men foe's desert origins with the scale of his future - it looks like an incredible frame from an upcoming X-movie, as he wakes and rises up through an astonished nomad village. If you turn away before clickin' to enlarge this one you are going to kick yourself later!

To see more of Livio's jaw-dropping art, including his concept work for DC Universe Online, just click 'How much does a Horseman of Apocalypse pay anyway?'


  1. Wow! What a find this blog :) Spellbound.


  2. Now THAT's a supervillain. He's my favorite Marvel super-baddie.

  3. Hey Sami - glad you love what you have found and I hope you stick around - will be good to have you aboard!

    Craig, he is Livio's too - hi portfolio is full of the dude! Me, while I like Mr Nur I don't think he makes my top 10, although with that picture changing how I see him he just might!

    Random fact IADW was originally going to be a blog telling comic news from the villains perspective, focusing on the mediums foes and written in character by a made up z lister rouge.

    While I canned it because I thought after a while it would become to cheesy pics like this make me think a site dedicated to villains only still aint that bad an idea!

    Thanks for the comments folks!