Thursday, September 15, 2011

AFTERLIFE IDOL: Fox Developing The Spectre For TV Land

About God damn time. The Spirit of Vengence is headed to Fox and heaven help those who stand in his way. Ironically revealed by the crew of Deadline.comThe Spectre is booked to receive a script commitment for a new drama series, based on an ex-cop serving time in the afterlife, hunting down earthly criminals on behalf of the dead and exacting the ultimate in justice. 

Produced by Warner Bros TV and Gerber Pictures, the adaptation will be written and executive produced by Brandon Camp (John Doe), who was in-turn introduced to the character by DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer and former JSA Spectre inclusive writer Geoff Johns.

With only Adam Strange rivaling my DC based love of Detective Jim Corrigan/The Spectre (assuming it is Jim the series is sold on), you can bet your bottom dollar I'm excited about this one. The noir concept has been a rich ground for great stories of responsibility, right and wrong and the greys in-between since it was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily in the 1940's - and only matured with age.

While Fox have recently cancelled their first DC based collaboration Human Target, even at this early stage, may the wrathful spirit be watching over anything that tries to put this project in limbo. Now I just need to send this guy some Adam Strange comics...


  1. This could be good as long as Warners posts armed guards at the script meetings and Fox isn't allowed any input. Otherwise the villains will all be Muslims, environmentalists and evil, corrupt British politicians who pick on poor, crusading billionaire newspaper publishers.

  2. Hate to burst your bubble Dan, but with FOX's track record, I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet. Look at how bad The Human Target turned out; they got rid of everything that made him cool, like taking on people's identity's in order to get them out their tight spots.

    I suspect, even if the whole Spectre things goes down, you won't see the Spectre at all; no green hooded, pale-skinned guy at all, just plain Jim Corrigan. He'll hunt down whoever needs hunting down, but nothing more supernatural than that, especially since it'll cost FOX alot of money to create the special effects required to make the Spectre come to life.

    I hope I'm wrong though, because if done right in the vain of Smallville, the Spectre will kick-ass!

  3. Sounds like Fox could do with a decent PR rep! We don't get much Fox content here - The Simpsons runs on three channels, and American Idol takes center stage when it runs but mostly Fox content runs late night - like H.T did.

    While Spectre gives grounds to address some of those issues pbl you'd hope it didn't turn into a slightly darker Touched By An Angel and al condescending wouldn't you?

    If the spirit isn't seen Dale I think I'd stop watching right there. It's like watching Batman and only seeing Bruce Wayne. Good but it just ain't right.

    Thanks for the sweet sweet comments guys!

  4. I'd look forward to a straight adaptation of the Fleischer/Aparo run from ADVENTURE COMICS in the early 1970's (better known now as WRATH OF THE SPECTRE, after the Baxter paper reprint series from the 1980's that finally published the conclusion). There's plenty of righteous vengeance and "How did THAT get a CCA approval sticker?" type violence, but the recipients are all pretty deserving, not straw men for Murdoch's unsubtle brand of bigotry.

    "The Simpsons" is definitely the jewel in the Entertainment Division's crown at Fox, but if you've seen any number of episodes you've probably noticed the show taking well-deserved pot-shots at the "News" Division.

  5. Pbl, I'd love, love, to see a straight adaption of those stories. But as you point out, they may not make the grade, and if they somehow do, they'd be made more viewer-friendly/not as gruesome.

    The Spectre really deserves a more adult presence on TV. Perhaps Showtime or HBO; that the graphic content wouldn't be such an issue.

    As for the Simpsons taking shots at FOX...they can because they're the Simpsons and they make FOX a lot of money. Although Seth McFarlene seems to be FOX's new wonderkind so he can get away with taking shots at FOX as well.