Monday, September 19, 2011


Lets hear it for the boys in blue. Granite City Police have arrested this "man", suspected of manipulating the Superman collection of mentally disabled man Mike Meyers out of the house, while an unknown woman sat with Mike watching Superman movies on his couch.

The nogoodnik Bizarro-brained, alleged thief is 37-year-old Gerry A. Armbruster, who is also facing charges for the forcible robbery of a 76-year-old man. So yip, a natural winner all around.

While Mike has now had his original collection returned to him, he plans to donate the replacement collection supplied to him by fans from all over the globe to charity, most likely a childrens hospital. As for Armbruster, his parole is set at a minty $100,000 bond. That's the cost of release, however no word yet on the cost of keeping him in there.


  1. great posting Dan the only thing that guy needs now is to have "born to loose" tattooed across his forehead.

  2. Thanks Dave - it might not be written there but I think most eyes can read it there already. Hopefully he learns a lesson about preying on people from this, but something tells me that coin isn't dropping anytime soon...

  3. unfortunately there are plenty more dirtbags out there to step up and take his place if he does Dan. Seems like for every person looking to make an honest living here, we've got someone more than willing to take advantage of the rest of society.

  4. Let me second the sweet feeling of justice now that that douchebag is in jail where his sick ass belongs; here's hoping he can't find the funds to put up for his bail, and get's rapped for his trouble.

    "Me am no liking the free prison sex", quotes a source from Armbuster.

    Also, how kind of Meyers to give back himself, after the enormous amount of charity shown his way. That my friends is how you pay it forward.

  5. Sure does doesn't it Craig - and people argue the value of heroes in media? We need them so it doesn't feel like scum are the majority... which if you leave it to the nightly news, it often can...

    Dale, I fully agree playing it forward is the best way to go and Mike's done that brilliantly. Bad stupid kick in the cajones worthy karma in, good positive motivational karma out - nice one.