Friday, September 09, 2011

COULD 'X-MEN' BE THE BOOK OF SPIES? Full Cyclops Sides Post Schism Revealled

With a shot stronger than any optic blast could muster, the full line-up of all teams on the Cyclops side of the X-Men: Regenesis divide have been revealed. Just beating New Mutants for the award of 'Best of the bunch', is the crew of X-Men. Their unifying factor, apart from all being mutants? They're famous friends of opposing team captain, Wolverine.

God it's great seeing Warpath again. While he's the least Logan-linked member of the team, the former Hellion turned X-Forcer is 110 pounds of mean in a 80 pound bag. Joining the monthly heiny-kicking contest;
Jubilee Wolverine's long time 90's sidekick
Storm (hell yes!) one of Logan's best mates since Giant Size X-Men #1
Domino Wolvie's passionate partner from his first X-Force run, and
Psylocke from the Canadian mutant's current band of X-Force-er's.

Have all these folks gone rouge or has Wolverine planted his own team of operatives behind enemy lines? Guess we'll find out with artist Will Conrad, writer Victor Gischler and Marvel this November!


  1. Yeah, I agree, this is an interesting line-up considering, as you say, that most of the members were well-known loyalists of Logan.

    I'm waiting to see the rest of Team Gold revealed, but other than that, we'll all have to wait and see.

    I can't believe Cyclops is still alive or on an X-men team since it was made to look/seem like he wouldn't be around after Schism.

  2. Looks like maybe Scott's done the same thing with Hank, Bobby, his brother and daughter on the other team. Or maybe he's turned into a real A-hole since I was collecting.

  3. Actually yes, he has. I guess that's what having a teacher and father-figure/role model like Prof.X will do to a person.

  4. I don't know about you Craig but my favouite Summers moments have always been when Havok (the cooler and better brother) had more than a little sibling rivalry for Scott - so we should be in for good things here!

    Marvel seems to come so close so often to letting Cyke out of the franchise. Personally I like him in there, but in the way Grant Morrison had him in New X-Men. Some of his moves of late just seem to be too far down the b@stard side of the list.

    Apart from Uncanny X-Force though, the X-Books really needed this shake-up. Plotlines were dragging and some really non-x stories were getting put to print. Kinda like the Superman books over the fence.

    Here's hoping the X-Men keep the pace up after the fallout of Regenesis settles!

  5. Dan, if your a Warpath fan i got something special coming for ya mate.

  6. Awesome to hear Dave - yip the big guy and Domino were to me the main draws of X-Force. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!