Thursday, September 01, 2011

THE DAY THE MULTIVERSE CHANGED: Continuity Warps As Batman Swaps Friends

Well it's here and done - the new DC 52 has launched with the release Flashpoint #5 and all-new Justice League #1. In commemorating the swap, I wanted to highlight how the guy who doesn't make friends easy rewrites the universe when he does. (Possible Spoilers).

In Flashpoint #5, Batman's shares a little Batcave-time with The Flash:

Then a few moments later he's running round underground with Green Lantern in Justice League #1 hunting aliens.

Boy that writer Geoff Johns does characterisation well doesn't he? Still it's true what your folks said guys; 'Be careful who you hang around with. You don't know where it will lead!' Be sure to grab both of these books though for a decent heads-up!


  1. :D Oh, that GL line made me giggle. That is a brilliant line, right there. Makes me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

  2. So here we go again!
    A new begining!

  3. I actually forked out for a web comic for the first time either as I couldn't wait for my ordered printed copy to come south of the equator Random, and I have to say Geoff's knack at writing a confident and wisecracking Hal Jordan really did make the issue shine for me.

    If only we all had glasses of drink Aliera - we could all toast the old (or the new - depending on your view point) and then swap DC fan stories!

  4. We will get there :)
    I still didn't read any of these two, but I intend to witness the begining.
    I'm glad both of you liked it.

  5. That is a great line.