Friday, September 23, 2011

DCNU REVIEW: Green Arrow #1 In 52 Words And A Scene

Vibrant cover - bland interior. Done already? Even Dan Jurgens inked by George Perez can't hit the mark when they're half-asleep from reading the script first.

To much Batman meets Tony Stark, not enough decent Ollie, equals nothing fresh (sorry YouTube crime-posting rouges). Roll on upcoming writers Dan and Keith Giffen.



  1. In Jurgens' defense, his art has always been steady and decent, but as you point out having a legend like Perez on inks, you'd think would make it pop a little more. IDK, it's probably because Jurgens' art is too representative of a certain time/era in comics, notably the 90's, that maybe the art seems boring compared to the different styles we see in today's artists; especially the ones you showcase.

    I'd say the art isn't so much the problem, as the story is. It's better than the whole "Sherwood Forest BS" that JT Krul was passing off. After reading the reviews and spoilers, I'd have to contend that Ollie really was in need of a fresh approach, but one that continued to build off the work of previous writers.

    All-in-all, I think the whole reboot thing is/was stupid and unnecessary, as is trying to remake GA into the Smallville version of himself.

    I'm not alone in wanting the real Ollie back.

  2. I agree Dale, I've followed Dan through Superman, Aquaman, Titans, Thor, Cap etc all the way up to Booster Gold - I'm a huge fan of the man's talents but I don't know if this was the pacing or what but something lead to the book not holding it's own art wise. Something that the story definitely affected before they started.

    I still think George and Dan are a killer combo, and when they click could easily take down some of the more modern pairings!

    Personally I'd like to see Ollie as something of a Bourne Identity character. A solo operator, in quick fast paced stories that see him flip around the world sorting out super powered nogoodniks and shadow societies who are taking aim at the little guy, and putting them behind bars.

    I don't think he needs an Oracle or an Alfred like he has here. To me Ollie is to stubborn and takes his war too personally for that.

    I like the new costume, not saying its beating the classic but both to me are really sweet. And I like the giant sideburns on the cover too (if the classic beard had to go) but again clean shaven on the interior.

    That kinda has me thinking if it wasn't just the decision on the length of Wonder Woman's pants see-sawing right up to the last minute.

    Thanks for the great comments!