Saturday, September 24, 2011

DCNU REVIEW: Stormwatch #1 In 52 Words And A Scene

Writer Paul Cornell knows pacing. Instantly you're hip-deep in covert Stormwatch teams recruiting Apollo, finding a horn in the Himalayas and investigating the moon.

Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians is small worry to a team where heralds, possessions and the Martian Manhunter are all upstaged by one man's arrival.



  1. Wow! Can't say I care for the way they job J'onn out to the Midnighter. I mean I get how bad-ass he is after having read his adventures for so many years, but this is ridiculous!

    I don't care how bad-ass 'nighty is, there's no reasonable way he gets past J'onn!

  2. Hey Dale. Yeah, it is pretty hard to sneak up on a telepath huh? Still it made for a cool moment!

  3. I guess, but Cornell better rectify this little hiccup soon with a real good explanation.