Thursday, September 01, 2011

ELECTRIC COMPANY: The Best Marvel-Tron Combos You Never Saw

I might risk being struck by lightning for talking about Marvel on DC's day of days, but all the '52mania' is giving me flashbacks of the last bit of inescapable comic news - Disney's aquisition of Marvel.

Not long after that, artists around the globe took to applying the Tron Legacy style to Marvel's most famous faces. Reaching into the darkest corners of the internet, I now pull out some of the rarest and best finds for you to download upon your senses.

The Invaders (Human Torch, Namor, Captain America (Bucky) and Nick Fury) by Monk-art and Enymy.

David Murdoch's Magneto - a God in any format.

Deadpool vs Sentinel by JimJim and for the ladies, who else but Psylocke by Ultimatetattts (does the thought of Uncanny X-Force/Tron suddenly seem like a killer idea to anyone else?)

Finally, while Ghost Rider might seem the most obvious convert, I think the reaction of the rough-riding Rider to an electric highway is best rendered by Rambozo's Byte Me Program, don't you?

Who would you have Tron-inised?


  1. Sweet, sweet fucking art man! There's always the risk of over-doing it, but these pics are really good at adapting the tron theme. I also really love the new, tron-ish take on the Invaders. Who wouldn't love to see a mini-series based off that art/concept?

  2. Exactly Dale - that was my pick of the bunch to - especially Nick Fury and the Human Torch. The war heroes of yesterday - the battle ground of today.

    Again glad you loved the post!