Thursday, September 08, 2011

FANTASTIC FOUREVER! The World's Largest Doctor Doom Tattoo

Dr Doom - one of pop-culture's best, both in terms of visual impact and 'cool' - those who don't bow in his presence soon fall at his feet. However, I don't think even his most faithful, fictional followers would ever consider an offering of worship quite like this;

While it's a safe bet your beloved won't appreciate waking up to Victor's iron visage every morning or the dedication shown by the multiple sessions it would take to complete skin-art of such size and colour, if you are going to brand yourself in the name of Doom, there are worse things to base it on then the amazing statue from the team at Bowen Designs.

While the Invisible Woman might've seemed like a better pick for a sensitive rib region halfway through Doom's creation, Victor has been more than faithfully recreated by skin-artist Steve Wimmer. To view more of Steve's amazing ink and needle-craft gallery, simply click the jump.


  1. That is a sweet, sweet tattoo man! Really nice work.

    I believe even the masked monarch himself might approve, and then force the rest of the world to sport these same tats on themselves. It's a Doom's world, and we're all living in it.

  2. Amen to that Dale - now we just need him to become mega evil again in the book!