Thursday, September 15, 2011

FORGET THE AVENGERS: Three Teams Cable Should Really Take On

December's Cable Reborn #1 is now Avengers: X-Sanction #1 and in it the man who's never found a cannon he couldn't lift, takes aim at Earth's Mightiest as they move on his 'daughter' Hope.

While the equally techno Vision could cap Cable, this Vision-free batch of Avengers doesn't stand a chance (sorry Cap)! So here's three other teams Cable could've thrown down against that really would've pushed him to his limits!

1) Cable vs The Midnight Sons
Line-up: Blade, Morbius, Werewolf By Night, Doctor Strange, Hannibal King, Hellstrom

Possible outcome: Believing Hope is tied to the Darkhold, Hannibal and Dr Strange reform the Midnight Son's to capture her for investigation. As King, Blade, Morbius and Werewolf by Night track the girl, Cable realises he's not the only one who can glimpse the future, when Strange imprisons Hope's defender in a mystical realm, where he'll have to fight the hordes of Hellstrom to qualify for parole!

Winner: The Midnight Sons. Damn this would have allot of killer match-ups! But sorry Nathan, you're not walking away from Damon Hellstrom.

2) Cable vs Gen 13
Line-up: Fairchild, Freefall, Grunge, Rainmaker, Burnout

Possible outcome: If one set of teens know about being hunted by goons with guns, it's Gen 13. Finding Hope on I.O's list of experimental subjects, the 13-er's cross realities to protect the prodigal mutant before I.O'S goals of cloning can be achieved. Cable however, just sees another super-group trying to kidnap his daughter and he'll make sure this bunch are no more successful than the last!

Winner: Cable. While Fairchild would have a good innings, it isn't just a hit squad the kids are up against - it's a one man army who has beaten Apocalypse. Grunge ol' boy - you just don't stand a chance.

1) Cable vs The Fantastic Four
Line-up: Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic

Possible outcome: The Silver Surfer is on the hunt for Hope before her presence can threaten Galactus. In their first encounter, Franklin Richards falls for Cable's daughter and the two elope to safety, as other Heralds join the pursuit. Stepping into a clash with the power cosmic, Cable's not the only one feeling maternal. The Invisible Woman, mortified a child is being used as a pawn, brings in the Four to protect her from all sides - her father included.

Winner: Draw The more I think about it, the more I think Susan would have allot in common with Nathan's perspective and motives. He might even end the conflict by joining the Four's Future Foundation!

What team would you like Cable to take on?


  1. Hell yeah Dan! Nice post topic. I'd actually like to see these match-ups w/ the exception of Gen 13; As imaginative as it may seem,. Gen 13 really isn't all that good of a match-up. I'd stick Cyclops' team of X-Men in there instead.

    Here's how I see that one going down:
    Emma finally convinces Cyke that Hope could be the next Phoenix, hoping to prevent a possible diaster, Cyke targets Hope. This puts in him in the meediate crosshairs of his son Cable. Sure this'll put Cable in an interesting and unwanted postion; choicing between his father and "daughter", but Cable has a better relationship w/ Hope than he does with his own father, so Cable choices Hope easy. Now Cyclops and co. know Cable's strengths and weaknesses, but Cable knows theirs as well. I think he'll ultimately win due to using guerrilla war tactics, plus a possible assist from Wolverine and his team of X-Men. Of course, then Wolvie starts looking at Hope the same way, and now Cable has to fight Wolverine and his X-Men.

    Other than that, I really like your other team choices w/ The Midnight Sons and FF; Those sound like really interesting money matches that Marvel would be too scarred to go with.

    All that aside, I'm really curious as to how Cable will possibly take down the Avengers; especially Cap.

  2. That could be the best image of Cable I've ever seen. What a cool take on one of the more memorable X-characters of the late '80s/early '90's.

  3. I highly agree w/ you CDerosby! That's about the most bad-ass Cable's looked in a long while!

  4. Thanks guys! You're right Dale, Marvel would take a bit to shove Cable up against the Midnight Sons, but while I can see their side, do you realy need to put Cable - leader of X-Force, son of Cyclops and Jean of the X-Men - with the Avengers in order to have his book sell?

    I think instead of drawing fans to the same books you'd want to use characters like Nathan to spotlight characters whose time has come. And isn't the biggest hole in Marvel at the moment a strong horror line?

    Craig - I agree! And something tells me as Ed gets more comfortable with the character, the art is only going to get better!!

  5. That was a great X-Men plot too Dale. Add in a confrontation with the mother of the X-Men, and previous Cable heart stealer, Storm - and it would be a dead set!

  6. Oh no shit man! This would be a hell of fight, that could really go either way depending on the players involved.

    I should also add that I agree w/ you concerning Susan Storm possibly aiding Cable. That could really happen.

    As for other teams for Cable to fight:

    -The new Thunderbolts
    -Agents of Atlas
    -Power Pack? just kidding.

  7. Ya know what Dale, between you and me the Invisible Woman / Cable team up is a duo I've though was cool ever since I sat down and wrote out what my run on Avengers would be like. I always wanted to write comics for a gig...