Friday, September 02, 2011

HONEY, WHERE'S MY SUPER SUIT? A Better Look At The Henry Cavill Man Of Steel

Like any guy whose kid inside is a little closer to the surface then he is in others, I have a kryptonite sized weakness for Pixar animation. Now with all the Man of Steel set pic's surfacing of actor Henry Cavill in full kit, my mind instantly wants to splurt out this quote in a jealous rage...

While the key rule in The Incredibles is "No capes!", I think even Edna would make an exception for this. After all, it's Superman's! So forget your blue and whites Frozone, I want one just like this;

Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.


  1. Yeah, most movie's superheros have ruber suits, but that one beats them all in the rubery look. I hope it still gets twicked.

  2. Thanks Aliera! I like it - I probably would have kept the cuffs clean and the legs but overall I'll thinkin it's a pretty wicked look. Looking forward to seeing how it shoots!

  3. me too Aliera. I agree with Dan in that I like the solid blue uniform, but I'm not digging the skintight rubbery look, especially around the midsection and the crotchal area (I believe that is the scientific term :P).

  4. I think the challenge is now on for me to write that into a post and make it seem like an everyday phrase!