Friday, September 30, 2011

INCREDIBLE HULK 1 PREVIEW: Bashing Robots Has Never Looked Sweeter

'Caveman Hulk, Cave-man Hulk, Does whatever a Cave-man Hulk can. Eats a roast, cooked on a fire. Smashes robots, into wire. Look out here comes a Caveman Hullllkkkk!!!!’ (bows)

Okay that might not be the most original or even in-tune introduction to Marvel’s Incredible Hulk #1 preview, but it does highlight how excited the relaunch has me. In fact the last time I was this giddy over a number one was, well... Swamp Thing #1 earlier this month. 

While I wonder the possible victor of a Hulk Swampy through down, I’ll leave you to drool over the Marc Silvestri penned, Jason Arron scribed preview pages below.


  1. oh my!
    That got to hurt!

  2. Sure would of Aliera - here's hoping the hits get even bigger as the book heads forward!