Saturday, September 24, 2011

INTER-CONNECTING ART: Lee Bermejo's X-Men: Legacy 220-222 Covers

I'm a simple dude. I'll take inter-connecting artwork over your foil embossed, die-cut, glow-in-the-dark, sealed-with-a-kiss 'collector's items' any day. Sadly enough, these days they are about as common as finding the mega-talented Lee Bermejo's work on the racks. Thankfully, you only have to flip back to X-Men: Legacy #220-222 to see how two great flavours tasted even better together.

Sure the cool factor is such an assault on your eyes it takes you a while to realise Ms. Marvel is in the mix, but hey, it's got mohawk Storm, Colossus and 'brown and tan' Wolverine, so you can't complain about that! To tide yourself over until Lee's next project hits, visit him right here on blogger after the jump.


  1. It's a cool cover, but I've got to admit to some eye-rolling upon the realization that not only were the heroine's nipples clearly visible through what one assumes is at least passably thick leather, but that the friggin' DANGER ROOM has nipples... and that all of the skin-tight costume wearing men, including Colossus who isn't even wearing a shirt, don't.

    I'm not a guy who generally looks for things to be offended by on behalf of women everywhere, but jeeze, Bermejo.

  2. Hey Benjamin, thanks for the comments! What don't all training facilities turned living beings have nipples? Damn no wonder I flunked biology. Still maybe she just watched Batman and Robin with Chris O'Donnell and thought she'd try that out for kicks. ;D

    Glad to have you at IADW!

  3. I have to say, I am a massive fan of comic artwork and I love connecting covers. It's not a plug but I actually have designed a frame specifically for displaying comics safely. I can even make them to hold connecting covers. Check out my site. Ignore the prices, they are old and have come down.