Sunday, September 25, 2011

MAGNETO FOR ROBOCOP? Michael Fassbender Tops List For Defender of Detroit

Part of the reason no major X-villian has been revealed in the last few years, is because when your average Joe McNasty decides to take over the world, they look for heroes whose rouges galleries lack a little something. One where they can be 'Top Dog', say the coolest lines and blow up the coolest things, and with the X-Men that gig is, well, taken by Magneto so they move on.

Now word comes Brazilian writer/director José Padilha, has his eyes on the man that nailed said Magneto in X-Men First Class, Michael Fassbender, to play the top dog of sci-fi heroes, say the coolest lines and blow up the coolest things - Robocop. See how that works out? It's like meets like, and me likes A LOT.

While Fassbender is still to meet the director for initial talks, there's only proof in one pudding. Look at the pic of Michael, then picture him saying "Halt. Put down your weapons or there will BE trouble" and forget it - case closed.


  1. I guess he could work. I really loved him as Magneto this year, as I did when he was in Inglorious Bastards, so I don't doubt his acting ability. It's hard to picture him as Robocop though, but then that's just me, as Peter Weller will always be the real Robocop to me.

    But I'm open to him blowing my mind if/when it happens.

  2. Hey Dale - yeah he was great in I.B. and in 300 too - maybe having done ancient, old and modern futuristic is the next big step?

    You're right though, will be hard to beat the original!

  3. The original is one of my favorite films, so I wasn't thrilled to hear that Hollywood was rebooting the franchise. I am happier to hear somebody like Fassbender may be playing the title roll. I've yet to see the new X-Men film, so I'll reserve my final judgement until then.

  4. I think you'll like it Craig -Magneto's 'beer with a nazi' is almost worth the proce of admission alone!

  5. Damn right that scene is! One of the best scenes of the whole movie, and is something you wish Chris Claremont had already though of/written.