Sunday, September 11, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Chris Evenhuis - The Dutch Artist Bringing Moulin Rouge To Eternia

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Chris Evenhuis, an illustrator from the Netherlands, who mixes a bit of Art Nouveau with some classic pop art styling, to create a dynamic gallery that truly is one for the ladies.

While that's an incredible Tigra for Chris's first time drawing/knowing of the character, as a kid, it always left me feeling like someone stole the hole from my doughnut when Teela was written as a wimp. She was a warrior goddess fer' Pete's sake! Here, she looks like she could even take on DC's infamous amazon chicky.

Of the Teela piece, Chris says "I confess, 'Masters of the Universe' had a huge impact on me as a little boy. I immediately fell in love with these 'Frazetta toys', decided I also wanted to draw and paint (like Frazetta) and at the same time helped me discover at a very young age that I preferred women."

"If any editors out there are considering adapting the old, Conan-like pre-cartoon storyline of 'Masters' to a comic book/graphic novel, please give me the job!" I'd second that!

Never one to turn down a good dose of omega three, Black Cat has rarely looked better! Did Gwen or MJ ever really compare to Felicia Hardy? Signs say 'not'.

Likewise, Chris's tribute to his main artistic inspiration; Jose Gonzalez, captures perfectly the classic look and appeal of timeless pulp icon, Vampirella. See how all these images Evenhuis delivers are sexy as hell, but not smutty in their execution. So many artists today need to learn that skill.

Running on the style of Art Nouveau and a Moulin Rouge-ish theme, who better to end on, than the Hellfire Club's former 'White Queen' Emma Frost? Watch out Adam Hughes - Chris is coming for your title! For more of Chris's stunning work, visit him online after the jump. 


  1. these are like absolutely perfect illustrations where the Hell are you finding this stuff all the time Dan? they're all great but i think that Black Cat is the best with the Emma Frost being a very close second. although the Teela one is the least provocative it's still a great drawing and it does take me back to my Masters of the Universe collecting days of the early eighties. i even still have some old photos of me in my TRON pajamas playing with my Castle Greyskull.

  2. I like my fish, but...
    From the fish bowl?
    Black Cat is always interesting.
    Flirst glimpse I got on that Teela, I was reminded of princess Aura in FLash Gordon.He really has that classics' evocative.

  3. In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson..

    "MMMMMMMMMMMM Cheesecaaake!"

  4. Thanks guys! Glad the work of this Dutch dynamo went down so well.

    Dave I have to admit some weeks finding a Making a Markist goes right down to the wire. Other weeks I hit multiple candidates all at once! I never got Grayskull, but I'd always use the furniture and do Eternia vs Cyberton - Megatron vs Skeletor, etc :D

    You don't have your fish from a bowl Aliera? Must just be us kiwi's then ;D

  5. LOL!
    No I live not far from the sea, but really, my fish is usually frozen staright from the supermarket, but well, diferent places diferent costums :)))

  6. Amazing artwork. I'm with Dave (big surprise). I don't know where you keep finding this stuff, but I'm glad you do. Thanks Dan.

    And my favorites are Black Cat and Tigra.