Sunday, September 18, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Kris Anka - The Sideshow Sensation With Freakish Skills Behind The Pen

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Kris Anka. You know him - he's the crazy hot illustrator who drew that Tron meets Marvel's Invaders piece that you haven't been able to forget - and as it turns out, thankfully he's done a few other works too.

Often blaring the colour work of artist Fabian Schlaga, Kris's gallery is a stunning range of collaboration that pays off in full. Just look at that JLA as an example of what the duo can acheive! 

The Avengers by contrast promotes Anka's ideal 'Colossal Avengers' line-up, with a composition and style that shows no matter what his crew, the Avengers all stem from Cap. In the case of simple yet potent comps though, I just have to pull this one out...

While part of me wishes this was done with the pre-Venom black Spidey number, it is a clear cut way of pointing out how iconic Peter Parker's favourite set of threads are, as well as what Manhattan office workers see on a nightly basis.

Needs more X-Men? Okay then;

Those of you not still startled over the above shot of the x-lovebirds vs the Sentinel have probably realised Kris works for Sideshow Collectibles. Of this picture perfect promotional piece, he rendered Rogue and the Robot, while team-mate Dave Igo dug Gambit.

With Namor and Captain America popping up all over his portfolio, there's no doubt why the dude chose the Invaders for his Tron crossover. Keeping in that vein, here's another of his Sideshow pieces to round out. This time featuring the recent Bucky/Cap...

Boy am I glad he snuck The Falcon in there. Just adds that much more of a butt-kick to the overall design. Treat your senses to more of Kris's comic relief, visit him right here on Blogger after the jump.


  1. that Gambit/Rogue rendering is hands down the best of the bunch. get a load of the detail when you blow the image up.

  2. Dave, that's been my wallpaper for the last few weeks. Ahh Gambit and Rouge of the 90's. Good times, good times.

  3. Wow! Is all I have to say about Kris Anka! The Bucky-Cap piece is Alex Ross beautiful, The Gambit/Rogue piece is phenomenal, The Avengers piece looks like Eric Canete drew it, while the JLA piece looks like Eric Powell did that one!

    Finally, digging/loving the amazing Spider-Man piece; best of them all, and looking like he channeled Byrne and Charles Vess.

  4. You know what Dale - the Spidey piece reminded me of those great Byrne covers too. Glad I wasn't alone!

  5. Love that JLA piece. There's just one thing missing...

  6. Hey Rob, let me guess, Aquaman right?
    Well he should be.

  7. I know what "details" Dave was looking at. And he's right because I looked too and thought the same thing.

    I love the Rogue/Gambit piece, but I think the Justice League and Avengers pieces are my favorite.

  8. Thanks Rob - Dale took the guessing game out though - me I was thinking you were looking for The Phantom Stranger ;D Either would be good!

    Just looking at his portfolio again last night Craig, he's got another piece of another favourite Avengers line-up their too. Comic fans aye. The sooner we state our dream team the sooner we want to change it....