Wednesday, September 07, 2011

MAKING A MARK: Nuno Alves - The Digital Portuguese Powerhouse

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today we turn to Nuno Alves Nuno Plati, an illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal already starting out on a path with Marvel Comics, whose portfolio brings a distinct style to all corners and eras of pop culture. Just check these two out.

Ol' Manji from Hiroaki Samura's Blade of the Immortal looks as good as ever, especially thrust upon that textured background, but the real star for me there is Captain Marvel. In that costume, Monica Rambeau brings back great memories of not only a brilliant time for the Avengers, but also for Marvel itself.

A self-confessed fan of both Green Lantern and artist Gil Kane's ahead-of-it's-time design for the hero, Nuno has a strong portion of his gallery dedicated to poster pieces which blend stylised heroes with the names of their alter-egos. And there is no bigger name than The Batman!

With the regular comparison piece of Psylocke unable to be found, this shot of the Goblin Queen allowed me to stay in the X-universe, show off Nuno's obvious love of Marvel 80's and use a character that wears a similar amount of wardrobe!

To feast your eyes on more of Nuno's work, you can visit him right here on Blogspot, just after the jump


  1. No Psylocke again? I'll take the Goblin Queen as a consolation prize. I'm waiting to see if First Class is as good as I've heard it is, but otherwise the X-Franchise needs all the love it can get, even in the form of an '80's villain who's faded into obscurity.

  2. Excellent work again Dan! Love the GL/Batman combo Nuno did.

    Also, happy moving to Australia. Hope its not too bad for you.

  3. Great Job Nuno!
    That is great and really why did Madeline Pryor disapear?
    Another waste of potential good characters... Or bad.

  4. What can I say Craig - as soon as I state she's the one folks stop drawing her!I think I'm a jinx!

    Thanks Dale - Will let you know when I have shifted, hopefully you guys won't even be able to tell it'll be that seamless!

    I kinda lost track on Madeline after she ran into X-Man, in the pages of his own book, but she has popped up a couple of times since then I hear.

    Chris Claremont has made no secret of how he disagrees with the direction Pryor took and Cyclops, which I think puts other writers off using her. However Inferno was awesome and ol' Mad Madeline was a pretty sweet spot in it - especially when joined by Havok - so it even though Chris might protest, it would be cool to see a return...