Saturday, September 17, 2011

SALES PITCH: The Top 6 Comics Of August 2011

Chucking Geoff Johns and Jim Lee aside for a minute, the relaunch of an 'all-star' Justice League was always going to lead to a #1 spot on the sales chart. Make it the start of an all new/semi-new in parts DC and it's the #1 comic of both August and 2011, with only four months left for any competition to arise.

This home-run let DC to narrow the unit share gap between industry leaders Marvel, to just 7.63% based on Diamond Comic Stats. Dark Horse reclaimed the spot of publisher #3, while the top 6 comics of the month look a little something like this;

THE TOP 6: 1 Justice League #1 2 Flashpoint #5 3 Fear Itself #5 4 Flashpoint #4 5 Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 6 Amazing Spider-Man #667

MY THOUGHTS: So what you're saying is "event comics" still sell huh? I'm actually kicking myself for not picking up Spider-Island. Every preview I read has me laughing, and it seems to be one of those great, insane but fun kind of concepts, ones that have been absent from the core comic titles for some time. Definitely watching for a trade...


  1. It'll be interesting to see if the shares stay that way, or DC drops. The Ultimate books were seen as a gimick at first too, until they gained foothold and followers galore. We'll see if people love the relaunch of the DCU as much. Personally I think Marvel was smarter to keep the cannonical books as well as start an alternate timeline. That way the purists had theirs and those who wanted the experimentation could check out what was new. And everyone could be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Yeah I agree Random, just my perception of the Ultimate line is a little flawed, in that in 5 years your modern origin, light on continuity based titles has deep continuity, and outdated origins, yet its own die-hard fans, so you re-create the same old problems by trying to out run them.

    My personal perspective is Superman doesn't need a good rewrite, he just needs a good writer, collectors seem to knit together their own continuity anyway forgetting parts they don't like etc.

    So instead of thinking why isn't the mountain coming to Mohammed, maybe focussing more on distribution and accessibility (after creative teams and storylines that don't drag on for 12 months) is what would do us the most good.

    I mean Disney brought Marvel and they didn't rewrite the Avengers, they took them to the Disney expo and new audiences. Trust a mouse to sniff out the right track...

  3. Yes! Exactly. Also, I still miss the good old days when a book "belonged" to a writer. They stayed there. They lived there. I realize that just doesn't happen anymore, except in the indies, but I really think that hurts titles and their ability to develop a new and deep fanbase.

  4. If there was a nail in the area Random you woulda just slmmed it on the head. I hate it when you're on a book where the writer obviously has a good thing going and lotsa plans, then you here he's been taken off with 'name x' coming aboard. Then you have to sit through 2-3 issues of the writer wrapping things up faster than they would've liked and wondering 'What if'.