Saturday, September 10, 2011

SNIKT: Wolverine's Full Regenesis Line-Up Brings A Phoenix To The Table

For a loner, Wolverine is a man with a hell of a lot of friends. Now his post Schism, Regenesis bunch of drinking buddies has been revealed, the family photo looks a little something like this;

The main additions since we peeked at the half-way stage include; Fantomex joining a double-duty pulling Psylocke on Uncanny X-Force and former Excalibur mainstay Phoenix/Rachel Summers joining Rouge and Gambit on the aptly named X-Men Legacy. Seeing how a returned to earth Rachel deals with Hope in the months ahead will definitely be something to watch.


  1. Now THAT's the X-Factor I remember. Nice to see Strong Guy, Rahne, Havoc, and Polaris back together. Is that Shatterstar sporting the dual blades?

    And is that Nightcrawler on X-Force? I'd heard he died a year or two back?

  2. Yip that' Shatterstar, he and his boyfriend have been part of Peter David's X-Factor for a while. They are great as is M or Monet from Generation X.

    You are right though - it's great to see an All-Star X-Factor back in place! Also adding Jaime Madrox to that list! Here's hoping it works or even has space for Quicksilver...

    Nightcrawler did die, but the team has recently been to the world of the Age of Apocalypse, so that might not be the Kurt we all know!

  3. that must be where Jamie Maddrox is from because he was one of the first victims of the Legacy virus back in the early '90's (and one of the characters I was really pissed about too).