Saturday, September 03, 2011

TOAD HOPS ON THE X-TRAIN: Latest X-Team Additions Add The Spice

The classes are getting shaken for Xavier's former students and now that each team has a had a few star players named, come the reveals that really add some flavour. While on the blue side New Mutants is always a spicy mix, check who is sandwiched between Nightcrawler (from the Age of Apocalypse perhaps?) and Wolverine on the gold...

Yeah wise-guy, Toad. Magneto's original beat-up-able buddy from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. How the agile antagonist factors into Logan's plans, along with what the powers and experience of one of the oldest x-characters brings, already creates all sorts of awesome possibilities.

Better yet he's been drawn by Chris Bachalo, the guy who made me stop seeing the character as a joke long before Ray Park or Activision's X-Men: Legends ever came on to the scene. Where did he do it? Right in the pages of Generation X #18...

Not only did Chris make him a credible character through visual alone, the little frogs he hid around the pages of this and the issue that followed made one hell of a fun read. I'm not saying November will bring a repeat performance, but if it did I wouldn't be complaining.


  1. I like it when they bring the oldest characteres around but then they don't stick with them.
    I was liking Vanisher around X-Force, and then they just took him off the equation.
    I want him back!
    We'll how much time the Toad gets.

  2. it just so happens that i think the fight scenes with Toad was one of the highlights of the rather mediocre second half of the first X-Men films. of course it helped that Toad was played by Darth Maul a.k.a Ray Park.

  3. Thats a good point Aliera - I thought Vanisher made a great addition to X-Force as well. I wonder if in the new line-up Domino will return to that team?

    Hopefully Toad gets a long run, like you pointed out Dave, due to Ray Park's amazing scenes in X-Men the movie, he is one of the most known 'other' characters to the outside comic folk - the rare breed they are!

  4. why so many shadows? Are they releasing the identities of both teams over time?

  5. Yeah Craig that's the one - ol' Marvel Marketing sure knows how to grab hold of and draw a story out ;D