Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THE TUESDAY TUSSLE: Mike Del Mundo vs Wolverine

The Tuesday Tussle; the biggest illustrators squaring off against pop's biggest icons - icons you never thought they'd touch. 

This week, the man responsible for what I'm already pegging as the best cover of the year (The Amazing Spider-Man #666) Mike Del Mundo, takes on fellow 'best there is at what he does' dude, Wolverine. Fight!

WINNER: Wolverine. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson "Now this is the God damn Wolverine Mother$&%@^!" Sure Wolvie still has all the ninja claw-poppin' coolness floating round him today, but compared to the Wolverine of old, to me he's lost a bit of his swagger. 

That 'bust a gut to defend the little guy, then crack open a beer to enjoy, sitting on his defeated enemies body' kinda mojo he had. Here, proving there's never a cold brew around when you need one, it's back in force as Logan takes in a cigar on a freshly carved throne. Nice!

To see more of Mike's mad-cool marvels, click the jump!


  1. Del Mundo really knows how to set a scene doesn't he? This is pure Wolvie coolness right here. Thanks for posting this.

    I swear, you got the hook-up somehow with these incredible artists! Keep it up man?

    Also on as side note, any plans for a future edition of Forgotten Heroes?

  2. Thanks Dale! Really appreciate the support and encouragement aye! Glad you are liking the art based posts.

    With Making a Mark, and Tuesday Tussle I have pro's and pro's in the making covered, and I have another one coming soon called Hotshots, which are other pro's in the making, but ones that only have one or two pieces to their name, and are almost committing a criminal offense by not doing more.

    So hope you like what's ahead!

    As for the Forgotten Heroes, Least We Forget definitely will be back - I have a list of characters I want to do as long as my arm so I'm just getting a few done in advance first so when it does return it can be regular as clockwork, as they are some of the posts I enjoy writing most!

    Thanks for the feedback again Dale, it's great to hear what parts of IADW you guys are enjoying!

  3. no Prob Dan, you keep setting 'em up and we'll keep.....well you know.

    Not to blow smoke up your bum, but you make this blogging stuff look easy; don't be surprised if people(not me) start copying you.

    As for the Lest We Forget...any previews if who to look forward to?

  4. Thanks again for the kind words and feedback Dale - it's great hearing how things appear on the other side, and that you guys like coming back! Bloggin' is never an easy thing as you know, but I'm pretty happy with what IADW has become!

    As for Least We Forget, all so far have been Marvel based, so we'll correct that with some Image characters that could use a dust off, a toy franchise that no one seems to remember, DC inc and back to Marvel for dig around in the unused corners of the Marvel Knights side of the universe!