Tuesday, September 06, 2011

THE TUESDAY TUSSLE: Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau vs Jessica Rabbit

The Tuesday Tussle; the biggest illustrators squaring off against pop's biggest icons - icons you never thought they'd touch. This week, I grab a hold of Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, easily one of the best cover artists in the business today, and throw him up against the cartoon character many guys would die to be 'up against' - Jessica Rabbit. Fight!

WINNER: Jessica Rabbit. Proving impossible waistlines aren't just a product of 90's Image Comics, the buxom redheaded diva once again puts all other animated ladies to shame. Surely in this day of revamps, revivals and re-launches it can't be too far from some ad exec's brain that one Roger Rabbit movie is practically a criminal offence. We need a sequel! Jessica and talking taxi's the world over demand it!

To see more of Artgerm's dazzling digital designs, click the jump!


  1. I understand he was the Spokes-character for Disney right after the release of the movie, but when we brought the kids in '08 (my first time there) the character was almost non-existent. I'd love to see a sequel. I think Disney did a few cartoon shorts, but the revival didn't catch on as expected and they dropped it. If they'd only stuck with it like Pixar did, they'd have realized what a great idea it was.

  2. is that wrong that this these images of Jessica Rabbit triggers a massive and sudden migration of blood to my lower abdominal area?
    by the way Dan that cover your digging right with the HULK & THING used to be a poster i had. it's an awesome drawing although it doesn't quite get the same reaction out of me like Jessica.

  3. I had the same poster Dave! I brought it out of Advance Comics I think - hence why I put the cover up when I saw it. See we are twins!

    Glad I'm not the only one going for a sequel Craig, the whole crew shouldn't be left to gather dust. Come to think of it - as Dave points out - Jessica for a 'kids cartoon' back then was pretty salty! I've seen Top Cow characters with more clothes on ;D