Saturday, October 22, 2011

FANTASTIC FOUREVER! Issue 600 Creates End Of World Party. Galactus and Annihilus Among Gate-Crashers

While I could easilly do with another three me at the moment, to handle the task of rounding up all the little tasks of moving countries, at Marvel the challenges set before the Fantastic Four are about to show what the somewhat kooky quartet are actually capable of.

With a variety of teasers pushing the 600th issue of the flagship Marvel title arriving in stores, the images and quotes contained suggest all those great characters and
concepts are on a collision course, with earth right in the middle. Annihilus and his Annihilation waves, Galactus, the new more stern Black Bolt and even those Avengers folks are gathering in on the mix it seems (Is that Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman in the Avengers teaser?!).

This is part of what made the FF such a great concept to me as a kid. Other teams have enormous rosters to call upon when the going gets rough. Generally the four had four.

Now they face all these massive challenges, minus the highly flammable, high-flying Human Torch? Geez you better hope those you suits have a pocket full of prayers in them. By the time artist Steve Epting and writer Jonathon Hickman are through, something tells me, they are going to need them.

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