Monday, October 10, 2011

FANTASTIC FOUREVER! Pledge Allegiance To The Street Art Of Doctor Doom

If I was ever to paint a character feature wall again, there is no doubt I'd run with Doctor Doom. Marvel's ultimate badass (when he's written properly) may not go down that well with the landlord, but as comics' most imposing visual, he sure makes a mark with everyone else.

Above, while Doom makes people in Brighton think twice about not returning their overdue books, elsewhere in England he can be seen knocking Batman on his butt in Stoke, thanks to Graffiti artists eight bit vs ghostpatrol. Now that really would be a crossover!

While the other windows of Variety Comics in Chicago feature the likes of Batman, Thing and Spidey, it's this one, on what appears to be an inactive door, which chills the blood of passers by into daring to walk past without a purchase.

Then we have the most demanding and colourful Victors of all those listed here today, the side of a garage in Los Angeles, corner of 6th and La Brea, by Joe X2.
Now while that one's intensity might be hard to ompete with, the winner of the Latverian throne for my money goes to Tenk with this Silver Surfer/Dr Doom combo. Watching it get made would've been a fantastic experience in itself.

Now you tell me, what kitchen wouldn't be improved with that little gem! Extreme Makeover Home Edition? You don't know the half of it.


  1. too awesome for words mate!

  2. Wow, simply wow!

    It's like those artists from Adult Swim did all that funky cool Doc Doom art. wicked good man!

    Now I wonder how I can get them to paint my house?

  3. Glad you guys all liked what these talented tykes have produced! I think they are all pretty awesome myself, and agree with you Dale - I'd love Doom on my garage wall. Maybe him and latervia on oneside, with the opposing wall Darkseid and the firepits of Apokolips!

    Now if I can only convince the landlord!!