Thursday, October 06, 2011

HOW TO FOOL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE: Stormwatch #2 Preview Reveals All

Granted, I've loved Wildstorm since before there was a Gen13 so I may be a little bit baias, but sue me if Stormwatch isn't already one of the books leading my 'must read' list, from the new DC 52.

As if Miguel Sepulveda's atmospheric and emotive art wasn't enough, Paul Cornell's dialogue and ability to drop humour into crazy cool scenarios makes the duo an unbeatable pair.

Luckily, enough lunar rotations have occurred to the point where issue two is upon us and the team that's existed for centuries before the Justice League face an advanced herald of an oncoming force, bent on reshaping the moon. 10 flavours of cool wrapped in one Justice League of America #1 homaging cover;

Is this sentry the new Starro of the DC 52? And does the history of Stormwatch negate the existence of Checkmate? Beats me. But if you are wondering how a covert team handles a shape-changing moon (try that Mystique) and still stays 'covert' the answers simple. Send the League on a wild goose chase. Check out the preview below to see what goose goes where.

Poor Booster - hopefully that gets picked up in Justice League International at some point. Still, Midnighter's aboard so why not jump on too and bring a few friends with you. Just because the team's covert, doesn't mean you can't tell nobody.


  1. I'm glad Stormwatch has a fan in you Dan. ha. No, the title does look good, so here's to it lasting for at least a year, provided Didio doesn't screw it up.

    Love the pages you decided to showcase though...Starro you say? Could be.

    Also, who in the hell is The Fox?
    DCU reboot do your thing...

  2. Anything ex-Wildstorm will always have a fan in me Dale. For a while there the Storm was unbeatable. WildC.A.T.S 2.0, Astro City, Battle Chasers, Tom Strong, early Gen 13, Promethea it just had so much richness to it's line, it could've easily split from Image and been publish #2 all on it's own in time.

    Now it threatens to be lost in amongst the DC universe, so I hope that doesn't happen.

    Do you thing any other publisher will start a 8+ title shared universe again outside the big two?