Saturday, October 29, 2011


If you'd told me five years ago you were going to make money by growing your fringe long and singing the lyrically masterful line 'Ohh Baby, Baby Ohh' I would've slapped you with a wet fish and told you to get back to work. Luckily no such party-pooper lives in the world of Justin Beiber, as said haircut and lyric, plus a handful of others has turned him into the current James Dean of the under 13's.

Proving he's just a regular guy at heart, the Beebs has done what any red blooded guy would do given more money than God - he's brought a custom made Batmobile. And not only does it make you say 'Ohh Baby, Baby Ohh' when you see it, it's a Cadillac.

The 'Bat-illac' is a customised Cadillac CTS-V, crafted by Ryan Friedlinghaus of TV show Street Customs fame. It features the Batman logo on the front and rear of the car, and a 'batmobile' nameplate on the trunk. Starting cost of a basic CTS-V - $60k.

For images to turn yourself Riddler-green with envy, click the jump.


  1. That's so cool! I have to hand it to my fellow countryman. If I were 15 years old, I would just die if he picked me up for a date in the Batillac.

  2. I agree ToB it is a pretty mean looking ride. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Pensol11:03 am

    Riddler-green with envy indeed! My dream is to build the Batwing, but of course that would take Bill Gates-level funding.

  4. Hey Pensol - good to hear from you again!

    Tell you what you build that - I'll do the batcopter and we'll race 'em!