Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick for the new DC52, but while quite a bit has changed, in some ways many characters haven't, like you'd think a line-wide revamp would inspire folks to do. But what if you could? What if you could 'snap', 'crackle' and 'pop' your favourite comic book franchise, and reshape it regardless of mainstream tastes?

Well that's what artistic mates Carlos Villagra and Jorge Lacera have done with 'Earth's Mightiest'. Building member upon member, they are defining a no-holds-barred re-imagining of the Avengers, titled Avengers Max. The first three of the chosen shake out like this;

THOR The Story: The God of Thunder has seen the world he swore to protect crash down and mutilate itself. The state of the world has left him confronting a darkness within his own soul that he never knew was there. This new dark Asgardian roams the world with a new perspective, God help whoever gets in his path.

Iron Man The Story After the war, left-over Stark Tech was strewn across the battle fields of Western U.S. Few knew how to make it work, fewer still were brave enough to try.

One man did.

The Iron Man wanders the wasteland between Reno and Las Vegas amassing a rag tag group of engineers and tinkerers, together they scavenge for Stark Technology and are said to be building an army. The Eastern tribes whisper rumors that he is Tony Stark yet others wonder if the suit works at all...

CAPTAIN AMERICA The Story In a world were civil war tore America into a thousand pieces, the symbol of that nation finds himself broken and twisted. This is a captain no more, he now represents a reality of tyranny and despair, and revels in it... with a smile. 

Wicked huh? I really dig these takes on Marvel's golden heroes, especially that Thor - I want that book now!

To watch for future members you can visit Lacera's website here and Villagra's website here. In the meantime, what do you think? Who would you add next to Avengers Max and what would their story be?


  1. great idea with some amazing artwork.

  2. Oh my God, I love this! Somebody please petition marvel to put out Avengers Max pronto! Damn this artwork is sweet too!

    Oh hey Dan! Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I had to cancel the internet at home since I computer's fucked, but you already knew that right?

    Anyways loving this post man!

  3. Thor looks like a Mad Max/Ghost Rider combo, Cap looks like Deathlok, and Iron Man really does look like a Steampunk/Mad Max version of himself. Plus, his back reeks of the Heroes reborn armor.

  4. No worries Dale, I'm netcafeing things at the moment too until my new digs gets connected. I'm glad you brought up the Heroes Reborn armour too, when my internet ius back up and connected in Aussie - expect that armour to pop up in one of the first few posts.

    I love the whole concept. Avengers need a dark future story - sure there was the Last Avengers Story back in the 90's where the Hulk went nuts, but one where all the Avengers are more like the Masters of Evil meets Mad Max? Now that's something I want to see!!

    Who would you add next Craig?


  5. I'd love to see a totally tricked-out Vision next. Like a cross between Robocop and War Machine, with a bit of General Grievous thrown in for good measure.