Saturday, October 29, 2011

WOMEN OF WONDER DAY: Helping Real People Find The Warrior Within

What's in a name? Wonder Woman Day is now known as Women of Wonder Day. It's still one of the most positive series of events on the comic calendar, where fundraising inspired by DC Comics' iconic super-heroine takes place to support and benefit victims of domestic abuse.

This year, it falls on October 30th, where tomorrow it will form part of America's National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the cities of Portland, Flemington and San Antonio. The keystone events being the large auctions of art, primarilly showcasing Wonder Woman and comics other greatest leading ladies, held both live and online.

Contributors to this year's crop of priceless purchaseables include Brian Michael Bendis, Adam Hughes, David Mack, Ethan Van Sciver, Doug Mahnke (above), Frank A Kadar (left) and way, way more. 

To look or get involved, you can visit the official Women of Wonder Day website here, or the online art auctions on eBay here.

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