Friday, November 18, 2011

COVER SHOTS: The Best From Image Comics' February 2012 Solicitations

After DC's massive 52 title relaunch you'd think fans would be all #1'd out, but Image Comics is back in the firing line in February with a few #1's of their own and The Darkness #100! Of all the covers going down across the line, these four shake out to be the best;

COVER OF THE MONTH: MITCH GERADS - THE ACTIVITY #3 Boy, do I love it when a plan comes together. If it wasn't hot enough that the typography of the logo was worked into the over all cover design, the contrast of the top image (and it's amazing detail) is priceless. (But you watch those Image madmen give it one anyway!)

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Sean Phillips - Fatale #2 (Expect me to be all over this book in 2012 - can't wait!), Erik Larsen - Savage Dragon #179 and Ross Campbell - Glory #23. For more from Image in February click the jump.


  1. Pensol2:31 am

    Image still exists? Huh. I didn't know that; I thought they were a 90s thing. Nice covers, especially the one for the Activity.

  2. Wanna know something that made me feel really old Pensol - Image is 20 next year. Jeepers - that must make me 21 ;)

    After a little while of treading water they definitely seem to be gaining some momentum lately... will be interesting to see how they mark their big 2-0!