Friday, November 11, 2011

NO ORDINARY THING: Jerry Ordway To Co-Write Challengers Of The Unknown

It seems like only days ago I was dreaming of who would take part in my Challengers of the Unknown revamp (what do you know, it was!) and now comes news we are about to get one! While mine had Saturn Girl, the two Questions, and Lobo, these Challengers beat that line-up hands down, with the artistic team of cover artist Ryan Sook and interior penman/co-writer, the legendary Jerry Ordway.

Jerry is one of those rock solid artists whose work always has that classic comic feel about it, so placing him on a concept created by Jack Kirby seems a pretty decent move. Dan DiDio joins Ordway on scripts.

While I can't see any familiar faces in Ryan Sook's crash scene cover, the huge pile of menacing mountain top suggests when the Challengers take over the pages of DC Universe Presents in issue six, they'll be bringing back more of that Kirby monster magic as well.

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