Saturday, November 05, 2011

PASSPORT STAMP: Alisson Borges, Carlos V, Futurist, Anthony Handy, Reynaldo, Mitchell Hammond, Alber, Paul d.C., Imccu1, Michael Heitkemper, Kina, Mauricio Wallace, Ronald Ruiz

Swapping a home by the Pacific for one by the Atlantic has put me a bit behind on welcoming and thanking the new peeps who have opted to click 'Follow' on my little slice of blog-estate. So let me give each of the following a decent newly Australian, 'Gidday mate'.

First up, two guys who have already been featured on IADW, Making a Mark star Alisson Borges from Brazil (website), and Carlos Villagra from those crazy cool Avengers Max posters I featured a wee while back (website). Welcome guys!

Also joining the leagues of the legendary are Chicago based boy Anthony Handy (website), Twitterist Reynaldo, Futurist, Mitchell Hammond (website), Alber, and Zen chemistry man Paul d.C. (website). Add to those folk music fan Imccu1Michael HeitkemperKina (website), Mauricio Wallace and Ronald Ruiz and I'm one very lucky non-mutant blogger!

Welcome to IADW folks! Glad to have all of you onboard!

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