Friday, November 11, 2011

READY TO WIELD THE RING: Corps Recruitment Posters Want You!

A recruitment poster for a corps whose weapons seek you out across the galaxy may seem like a bit of a redundant idea, but artist Matthew Waite shows you no matter whether he's working for Ganthet, Sinestro or Larfleeze, his work will have candidates lining up around the block - at least to get a print if nothing else!

If you don't feel your code is represented in the above, check out the rest of the recruitment round-up when it comes to the corps of black, red or blue, at Matthew's online gallery after the jump.


  1. I love the dog-eared textures he creates on some of these posters. He does some great work.

  2. Heya Craig! Yip sometimes it's those little textures that make all the difference huh?

  3. Loving the sweet, sweet-ass posters! He should make the rest of the corps now. Hey Dan, I know it's been awhile huh? I'm a bad friend, what can I say. I'll shoot you an e-mail later on.

  4. Heu Dale - no worries aye - good to see ya back though! Believe me, after jumping countries and starting a new, I know firsthand how crazy life can get.

    And ya never a bad friend mate, any one who puts the time into IADW you have will always claim that title.

  5. Awww, aren't you just the sweetest! Yes, you make the christmas list.

    And how is Aussie treating you? Good I hope. Working on that tan yet?

  6. I'm a kiwi mate, so we have a fair share of sun already - but yeah the heat here is something else! All systems are go at the moment work life and misc lol so that's gotta be a good sign!

    How bout you (no email yet)?