Thursday, December 08, 2011

ASSALTED: Stop Motion Video Reveals Artist Drawing Joker Completely Out Of Salt

Salt, it's not your body's greatest friend, but hot chips just aren't the same without it. Now in honour of all the folks who have knocked the shaker over, looked at it's spilled contents and thought, 'Hey that looks like...' comes artist Bashir Sultani. He turns the everyday kitchen condiment into artworks of pop icons and what bigger pop icon has there been in recent years, than Heath Ledger's Joker?

Amazing stuff huh? To see more of his sodium chloride stop motion antics, including Darth Vader, Jack Sparrow and Morgan Freeman, click the jump.


  1. Wow! That's incredibly cool. Thank you for posting it.

  2. No worries ToB - glad to have you comment as always!