Tuesday, December 13, 2011

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' March 2012 Solicitations

DC's March 2012 solicits are out - and still no Justice Society! I can't wait for the Earth One based series to drop and thought March would be it. Dr Fate, Wildcat, Jay Garrick - maybe even Captain Marvel? DC/comics/fans need these characters! To help fill the void, DC offers plenty of sweet reads, the top four covers of which are these;

COVER OF THE MONTH: CLIFF CHIANG - WONDER WOMAN #7 Sure she's hammering out a sword, but look at Wonder Woman's face. She's visualising that sword as someone. Me, I think it's all the peeps that said she couldn't have a hit book. Either that or those 'Why say you bring peace when all you bring is war' kinda people. I bet she really gets ticked consistantly being asked that one.

DC says: Remember the myth of Orpheus? Wonder Woman certainly does. And we hope she’s learned its lessons well, because someone she dearly loves is in Hell’s clutches – and she’s the only one who can mount a rescue mission! But Hades has no mercy, even for his own family – in fact, especially for his own family – and he doesn’t intend to let her walk out of his domain without paying a terrible price!

CLOSE CONTENDERS: Scott Clark and Dave Beaty - Grifter (vs Midnighter!) #7, Tony Daniel - Detective Comics #7 and Simon Bisley - Deathstroke #7. 

For the full DC March-off click the jump.

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