Thursday, December 08, 2011

EAT THIS AQUAMAN: The Flyboard Jetpack Lets You Soar Above AND In The Water

If I could sue 80's pop culture for alleging I'd have a jet-pack and a Jetson's car by 2011 (as well as all the emotional trauma it's non-event has caused), the notion would be well lodged by now. 

Where the case would fall apart however, is in the actual invention of The Flyboard. It's a water-powered jet-pack for you to re-enact all your Adam Strange fantasies, but one that also works underwater. Meaning Aquaman has now got some serious competition.

Check out the video below (especially around the 40 second mark) for the new definition in cool. 

All I'm sayin' is Santa better not have left the pole yet...


  1. That's what I want for Christmas too!

  2. Okay Marcelo, but if he's only got room for one in the sleigh it's mine - no rock, paper, scissors!