Thursday, December 22, 2011

HOME SWEET HOME: The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Trailer Hits

Since jumpin' the Tasman, if I had a dollar for every Aussie who joked I'd come from Hobbitville, Middle-earth or just a nation of Hobbits, I'd be a rich, rich man by now (not director Peter Jackson rich but close). Now as pointed out by Craig Derosby, the trailer for The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey has landed, loaded with more Gandalf, Baggins's and some guy fixated on his 'precious'. Check it out for yourself.

Man, do those landscape outdoor shots make me feel homesick. Grass is rare in Western Australia. Still, it looks to be another classic bit of pop-lit brought to life, to exactly the same standards of Jackson's record-breaking LOTR trilogy. Meaning, all around the globe, The Unexpected Journey will be the only one that matters next Christmas. Thanks Craig! 


  1. Who wouldn't missed that lovelyness? You grew up in a beautiful country.
    So everybody is making plans for next Christmas? :D

  2. Me and my "crypto-geek" crew are already making plans! How scary is that?

  3. Thanks for the comments Aliera and BVR! Would you believe in NZ people have been planning the night since they announced the date of the world premiere in the best little capital in the world, Wellington.

    Seems the one ring truly does rule them all.

    Merry Christmas to you both - hope you each have an awesome festive season!

  4. Thanks Dan. I was up late doing the Claus thing wrapping gifts with the Mrs. and saw the video post up on the Hobbit's blog just before we went to bed. I'm with Aliera, if we come into money in the next year I think seeing the film in your neck of the woods is a great idea.

  5. Sounds good to me Craig - watch the Hobbit then drive to Matamata where the Hobbit village is filmed for a brewskie!

    That just leaves how many LOTTO draws between here and there to make it happen?

  6. one less. We didn't win this week.

    Our family has a pool. We all put up $2 a week and my aunt picks the numbers. I think our total winnings is in the lower double digits, but we're a hopeful lot.

  7. My family used to have a similar story Craig - same numbers, little prizes. Still if I win lotto here in Aussie you'll all know it shortly after!