Saturday, December 03, 2011

HONEY, HAVE YOU SEEN THE CAN OPENER? Ironhide Cosplay Provides The Awesome

If you thought chucking on a black suit and tie made you look fierce, guys have I got news for you. Peter Kokis of Brooklyn Robotworks spent over 600 hours, with just as many parts sourced from around the house, hardware, sporting and pet shops, to make one movie based Ironhide outfit. 

He's dubbed it 'Brooklyn Ironhide'.

While the 164 pound B.I. looks set to clean up any B.S in the neighbourhood (especially in front of that friggin' cool aircraft carrier! (a Decepticon?)), Armani better watch out. The new high-tailored, sleek black number for guys looking to impress has just hit, and the cuff links have never been more lethal.

For more photos, including how you can hire B.I to appear at a gig near you, click the jump.


  1. as much as I dislike Bay and his Auto-bastard children, this is one of the coolest fan-made costumes I've ever seen.

  2. Yeah Craig, you know I'm with you on that whole look of the movie Transformers gig, but I agree, the man has serious skills.

    In fact he has a few more metal marvels up his sleeve too. Check them out at
    if you're keen on seeing more :D

  3. Pensol10:07 am

    Good...god. This guy needs a cameo in the next movie (if there is one).

  4. That would be awesome Pensol! Especially if he 'met' the robot he was imitating at the time... I think Ironhide brought it last time round(?), so there's still hope for Grimlock!