Sunday, December 25, 2011

HONEY, THE NEIGHBOUR'S A TREKKIE: US Enterprise Christmas Light Display Wows

It can be hard enough getting to sleep on Christmas Eve with the anticipation of waking up to a stocking full of goodies, without having the neighbours decorate their house with a tonne of lights. Ones that light your bedroom up with all the colours of a Madonna concert, and fill it with the sounds of car doors opening and slamming from an endless stream of rubber-neckers out to bask in the house's festive beauty. Then you see next-door is this...

A dedicated wee number of the US Enterprise from East Pretoria, Illinois, you suddenly think 'Hang waiting for Saint Nick, where are the keys and the door so I can take it for a spin!' Hey, they've probably plugged the thing into your power supply anyway, it's the least they could do!


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