Thursday, December 29, 2011

I NEED TO SIT DOWN: Masters Of The Universe 30th Anniversary Art Debuts

Has it really been 30 years since Masters of the Universe first inspired boys around the globe to lift sticks in the air and exclaim 'By The Power of Grayskull!' Crikey, it actually has.

While said lifting of stick never quite transformed me as it did Prince Adam or turn the household moggy into a Battle-Cat by pointing it in it's unamused direction, has Mattel's first official art, as the toy giant prepares to celebrate the 30th birthday of all things Eternian in 2012.

Yip, Battle Cat definitely would've been cooler than a BMX. While I still hold out hope a little bit more of a Final Fantasy type approach could one day relaunch the franchise to simillar heights, it is great to see Mattel getting in behind one of the biggest brands of the 80's, no doubt with plenty more sweet MOTU goodies instore for the year ahead.

View the entire gallery from Ram-Man to Beast Man, after the jump.


  1. Awww He-Man! The cartoon show never did the concept or him any justice, as it the whole Prince Adam/He-Man-thing always smacked of being , well you know, gay!

    Of course giving him that "Little dutch-boy" haircut didn't help matters either.

    Still, it is hard to believe it's been 30 years already, especially when I just turned 30 my self.

    In amusing tale my mom like's to tell, I was a Huge He-man fan back in the day, and I amassed a big collection of action figures. Well it turns out ol' Skeletor himself used to give me nightmares she claims. Probabaly because of his face, but you get the picture. And trust me while living in West Germany as a kid, I was in a pretty dman good spot for He-Man lovers, as Europe(at least when I was kid) was very Pro-He-man back then.

    Cheers to you mate on your blog and it's continued success, as well as having a kick-ass new year!

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to to express how awesome and kick-ass that 30th anniversary artwork is! Ho-raw!!!!

  3. yyyyyyeeeessss! that is absolutely bad ass! especially the one of He-Man and Battle Cat. i'm gonna email this posting to a few friends who i know are gonna love it. thanks Dan!

  4. Thanks for the awesome comments guys - glad you liked the art as much as I did!

    I never got the whole 'smacked of' thing Dale, mind you thirty years ago I was only three, and pretty unaware of that world. I mean who wouldn't be? I was waiting for the day Trap Jaw took over Snake Mountain and launched an attack only Battle Cat and Stratos could stop. Even as a kid I always liked the little characters best.

    Until Optimus Prime came along I was a huge MOTU fan too. In fact one of my earliest memories is of asking my grandmother in a toyshop which MOTU figure should be my first purchased, from my two hand picked finalists. In a selfish adult way, I miss franchises that leave you that indecisively excited.

    If only we could shelve grown up issues for a day or three to experience that excitement again. Now there's an Eternia worth visiting!

  5. Dan ya bugger! i was about to file a missing person's report on you. i posted some digital art over the weekend i've been wanting you to see.

    Aussie Dave

  6. I never noticed Skeletor's feet before...

  7. Ha! You know what Aliera, they struck me when I put this post together too. Maybe thats why he's so angry you reckon, a whole planet to conquor and no comfortable shoes to do it in!

    Forget the power sword, maybe all he needs are some nikes tailor made for those toes!