Friday, December 16, 2011

JOE SIMON 1913 - 2011

It's always sad when you wake, to hear one of the legends, and all-time icons has passed away. Joe Simon, as co-creator of one of my favourite characters of all time; Captain America, has died at the amazing age of 98.

All thoughts and prayers go to his family at this time, in recognition of a man who helped give literally generations of people around the globe inspiration, strength and aspiration for both their careers and their own struggles in the 'real world'.

Joe Simon 1913 - 2011


  1. Pensol1:56 pm

    Damn. Well, 98 is still a pretty good run. I hope he liked the movie - I know I sure did!

  2. I loved it too. Hell of a way to go, to see your creation on the big screen and well at that.

  3. I loved it too guys in fact I'm thinkin' a couple of people both got the movie for me for Christmas lol been the well known Cap fan I am. Oh well, can always have more then one copy of a good thing right!

    I agree completely Pensol - 98 is a fantastic achievement in itself - must of been on lively energetic guy! Never long enough though that time thing.

    Co creating Cap and the atmosphere and positive messages involved in the character I think must be on par with having done the same for Superman and Wonder Woman. To live to see that creation now a global household name, well I imagine few things can top that.

  4. I was thinking on the same lines of you guys! It was a life with time to watch his character grow and evolve in so many ways. That was nice.