Sunday, December 11, 2011

ON TARGET: DC Creative Musical Chairs Brings Harvey Talibao To Green Arrow

Oliver Queen has many arrows in his quiver and by the time former Daredevil maestro writer Ann Nocenti takes over the book with issue #7, just as many creative hands will have touched Green Arrow in it's relatively short life as part of the new DC 52.

Still as word comes that artist Gene Ha will fill in for Jim Lee on Justice League #7 through 8, and James Robinson will script Men At War from February, DC have literally lined up a bullseye, announcing artist Harvey Talibao to step into Dan Jurgens Superman bound shoes as artist on the emerald archer.

That means Ann's words will be brought to life by the guy who did this;

No, it's not just another gratuitous shot of Psylocke, Harvey's work on Darkhawk, Heroes For Hire, X-Men: Legacy and Psylocke has seen his stunning art land in my pull-list, more often than not. Putting him together with Nocenti means Green Arrow is now one of this Dans most anticipated books of 20-12.


  1. i'm really glad all the fans of Psylocke aren't a bunch of cry babies like Harley Quinn fans when it comes to their out fits. that's some real talent you've got going on here in this posting Dan.

  2. thanks Dave! Trust me, Harvey's going to be the talk of the town when this book comes out!