Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ROYAL RUMBLE: The Four Avengers VS X-Men Battles I'm Dying To See

Next year at the House of Ideas, Mum and Dad are going to war over exactly who rules the roost. While the premise for Avengers vs X-Men is rather the return of the Phoenix to the Marvel Universe and how that effects Hope and the newly returned Scarlet Witch, the maxi mini series pits two thirds of Marvel's founding team trinity against each other, and the thought of who will confront who is enough to get any fans imagination running wild.

Moving on from Hope and Wanda (and Wolverine vs himself) here are the four match-ups I'm hoping to see most;

Originally this was going to be Vision vs Danger, but the more I thought on it the more Warren seemed the better adversary.

Now the original Vision is back amoung Earth's Mightiest (thank all higher powers) this pair are not only two of the most experienced members of each team, they were both 'created' as a weapon by one of their respective families largest villains.

Their perspective's and powers mean should their clash reveal a brotherhood of similarity - even the Phoenix Force would be unwise to get in their way.

My favourite adventures of the Sub-Mariner always have him at Captain America's side, especially when the tale deals with the duo's time as teammates in the World War II based team, The Invaders.

Now with the two 'friends' found on opposing sides of the X-Men/ Avengers divide, if any one can tip Cyclops off to Cap's tactics it's Namor. However if their friendship holds water, the history between the two just might be what turns the tide of this war.

More than just the battle of the blondes, in containing a cosmic force that threatens the earth, it's only natural Meggan, the former Excalibur powerhouse who can see the earth's energies and draw on them for any power imaginable has something to say about it.

Luckily Ms Marvel is experienced, and strategic enough to realise the threat Meggan's good natured intervention would mean, and strong and indestructible enough to do something about it!


With the Phoenix Force, and the power to obliterate the cosmos up for grabs, you don't think Ultron is going to bring his desire to erradicate every living thing to the party?

Just one catch. Magneto has a bit of a soft spot for any kind of genetic cleansing, and one of the most powerful mutants alive would battle the robotic killer to the end to save the obliteration of mutantkind from happening. Should he pose the victor, would Erik spare humans like you and I the same fate?

What do you think? What showdowns you are looking forward to?


  1. Magneto x Ultron!!! That would be VERY interesting, even if just to see Ultron in pieces. He wouldn't have a chance.

  2. how about Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue? There's enough bad blood between the two of them to make that a fight to end all fights. Maybe a steel cage match. Two women enter, one woman leaves...

  3. Ms Marvel vs Rouge - the rematch of rematches! Personally I didn't quite buy Rouge taking Carol in the first place, but hey whats comics without a little suspension of belief right ;D

    Aliera - yeah I think that would define epic in 20-12. Mags would always pull through, but how and what he did next always makes for interesting reading.

  4. Mags vs. Old man Ultron? Game on! I'd love to see that one too!

    Also, here's some obvious ones:

    1). Colossus(Juggerssus)vs. Red Hulk. If Rulk can school Thor, then Juggerssus should be a hell of a fight!

    2). Cyclops vs. Captain America.
    Both are natural-born leaders that never, never give up! It'd be cool as hell to see who outlasts who.

    3). Spider-Man vs, well anybody.

    and finally, get Hank Pym in there vs somebody. Hell he's a certified SA legend; he deserves a piece of someone's ass!
    Alright, that last comment didn't come out right.....oh well

    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Nice choices Dale - and completely agree we need to get Hank Pym back in the game!! Boy I'd Yahoo so China could hear me if he upsizes during the Avengers movie.

    While I loved him more as a 007/inventor type in West Coast Avengers, Hank's never been too far from my favourite members list. Just who would he take on/down? Multiple Man would be fun - as one grows the other divides....

    Happy New Year to you too mate!