Monday, December 26, 2011

TALK ABOUT THE 'ULTIMATE AVENGERS' Romita Creates The Perfect Assemblage

Sure, I've posted before about who would make my dream Avengers line-up, but hang me in a pink-dress and call me Shirley if this sketch from John Romita doesn't come earth's mightily close.

From the classic discus on the hips suit of armour Iron Man to Jean Grey, there is not a single fault I can pick with this team, except for the sad note it may never happen.

Wow, folks, just wow. While it's hard seeing any Avengers line-up without the Vision, this is just the kind of shake-up roster a good creative team should look too. What are your thoughts?


  1. I never feel comfortable when an X-Man is co-opted into the Avengers (aside from the Beast), so replace Jean with Black Widow and lose the Surfer and the Watcher (too cosmic) and it would work for me, by Odin!

  2. By Odin - ol Beast aye Dougie. If Marvel's only change in 2012 is to give Beast his own book, I'll be a happy camper. Sad, sad thing that Destroy series not going ahead.

    Merry Christmas though mate and hope you have a great start to the New Year!

  3. I kinda' like this line-up myself, but I'll agree with Dougie that the Watcher doesn't belong. Surfer's not a bad choice, especially since he joined the Avengers in an old issue of What If!?, the one with the Avengers, not the FF, beating Galactus.

    Jean's not a bad choice either, in fact even if she had her Phoenix powrs, she'd still fit in. I figure she could use a break from the Cyclops-Logan love triangle for awhile, and slip into something new for a change.
    And Nick, yeah, especially since Bendis retro-ized him into being a SA Avenger, and giving him credit for coming up witht he whole Avengers concept.

  4. Hey Dale! Yeah I think Jean would be a great fit too - and in her first outfit to boot! I'm a sucker for the original team designs.

    She's the mother of the mutant race in the X-Books, and I think as an Avenger she'd be able to do that in a whole new way. Plus I always thought she and Wanda would keep in touch, so it kinda makes sense.

    Speaking of Wanda, how cool would Daredevil and Scarlet Witch be!

  5. Anonymous2:58 pm

    more like the universe's mightiest heroes