Wednesday, December 07, 2011

THE TUESDAY TUSSLE: John Paul Leon vs Doctor Doom

The Tuesday Tussle; the biggest illustrators squaring off against pop's biggest icons - icons you never thought they'd touch. This week, the man who in my book was one of the biggest artistic finds of the 90's and Milestone comics', John Paul Leon takes to Marvel's malevolent mercy-free zone - Dr Doom. Fight!

WINNER: Victor Von Doom. I remember JPL reimaging Doom in an old issue of Marvel Vision back in the day, but this sketch proves the original needs no improvement.

Click to enlarge and scope out the detail rendered into that stone cold steel face. The textures of the background and how energetic the piece feels despite how stationary it's lord and master is.

To treat your corneas to more of JPL's sweet, sweet ink-work, click right here and say 'Hi' to the man.


  1. Hey Dan, I still remember those old Marvel Visions shorts, and wish they'd bring them back/update them.

    You should also point out the awesome Doom artwork JPL did on the Earth X maxi-series. He's just a kick-ass artist in general anyways.

  2. No need Dale, you already bet me to it ;D

    I could get used to this job sharing thing!

  3. I try. But listen mate, I've downloaded a mega-virus that's wiped my laptop out, so no new skits for a good while. I still visit your site goo's, but no skits. It sucks, but what can you do?

  4. Dam Dale, sorry to hear that - I've been in hat spot before so I know how gutting it can be. Hope all your digital family photos and stuff are recoverable!