Saturday, January 21, 2012

BRAND APPEAL: The Unused DC Comic Logos of Design Brainchild Rian Hughes

With all the hooplah and hysteria over the new DC logo, one thought that has been sitting in the back of my mind is 'How would Rian Hughes have done it?' The designer is a comic book logo creating genius and while he may not be an industry name like 'Morrison' or 'Quitely', in terms of talent in his particular field, he is both of them combined.

Nearly every logo of the last few years that has grabbed my eye on it's own merits has been his, and incase you're wondering were you might have seen his handiwork, here are a few possibilities;

Add to the above the likes of Johnny DC and Marvel's prized X-books, and you can only hope a guy with such a proven winning streak was involved in the big rebrand, if not only to submit a few concepts.

Speaking of concepts, over on his website, Rian has a whole gallery of successful logo designs and the possible variants that ran alongside them, just like Batwoman at the top there. For many it's a crying shame they may never be used, so in the interests of good design I've assembled a few more of those tear-jerkers right here.

 What do you think? 
While I go to write my millionth email to DC reminding them it's time for Wednesday Comics round two, you can comment below on what you reckon of the above. To visit Rian's online gallery click the jump.


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  2. It sure does DBS - as a graphic designer by day I have t say sometimes logo design is more of an influence on my spending habits than price can be!

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