Saturday, January 28, 2012

CAGED AT LAST: Darkhawk Gets Collected

In the 90's, had I had to donate blood to any worth while charity, when they stuck the needle in my arm they would've siphoned out nothing but Darkhawk comics - that's how seriously I was addicted to this book - it figuratively ran in my veins. 

Now in a move that should have lead their April solicitations instead of that Avengers vs X-Men thingee, Marvel is offering the first nine issues, collected together in one brand spanking new volume; Darkhawk Classic Vol1. Do you see that? Darkhawk "Classic". Damn straight.

This is your chance to see a legal addictive substance at work. The mystery of the amulet that transforms Chris Powell into the Darkhawk, mob bosses with super-powered bodyguards, shadow police cabal's, Portal, Savage Steel, Daredevil, Captain America, Spider-Man - it's all just to much.

Not to mention the issue I would create and draw my own scenes from, issue #9 where Darkhawk meets the guy Spidey warned him not to turn into - The Punisher, and has to decide while outnumbered at Frank's side whose methods he will follow.

Drawn by Mike Manley and written magnificently by Danny Fingeroth, here's a few spoiler free pages to whett your appetite, starting with the 'Hawk vs a bazooka...


  1. I gotta agree, there was something addictive about Darkhawk. This was a time when I was starting to get into more mature and alternative comics, and yet I found myself strangely drawn to Darkhawk each month. I'm glad to see it finally getting collected!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. Likewise Shag, this was around the time I was spending my money on other publishers like Malibu, Vertigo and Valiant, that were offering stuff brighter or different to what I was used to.

    Darkhawk kept me right up until Marvel's distribution in New Zealand hit a snag (some where around #35). I've always said Dick Grayson and Ronnie Raymond were the teen heroes I identified with in comics - was I still young enough to fall for the same gig by the time Darkhawk rolled around, or was it the space meets the streets twist I dug? Who knows.

    Hopefully though history gets to do a little repeating in a new series anytime soon...