Wednesday, January 25, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From Marvel Comics' April 2012 Solicitations

Well, April at the House of Ideas is where the snikt really hits the fan, as Avengers vs X-Men (the series and event) finally lands. Bigger than any A vs X throwdown before it, of all the titles in Marvel's April 2012 solicitations, these five have the best covers standing in the dropzone.

 COVER OF THE MONTH:  JIM CHEUNG AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1 (Of 12) Also known as 'Spot the crayola the colourist didn't use', this cover gives a nod to the classic Perez Avengers vs JLA poster, while still amping you up for the main event as only Jim can. Speaking of whom, the man's next book should be Gambit. The ol' ragin' Cajan hasn't looked this good in ages - and it's just his head!

Marvel says:
• It’s No Longer Coming—It’s Here!
• Does The Return Of The Phoenix To Earth Signal The Rebirth Of The Mutant Species? That’s What The X-Men Believe!
• Unfortunately, The Avengers Are Convinced That Its Coming Will Mean The End Of All Life On Earth!
• The Stage Is Set For The Ultimate Marvel Showdown In This Oversized First Issue!
Brian Michael Bendis (W) • John Romita Jr. (A)

 CLOSE CONTENDERS:  (Click to enlarge)
Incredible Hulk #7 - Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Charles Paul Wilson III Hulk as Winnie the Poo? Now that's smart!
Incredible Hulk #7 - Lenil Yu Banner may have fallen far down the mad scientist tree, but it still looks great!

New Avengers #25 - Mike Deodato Iron Fist a member of the Phoenix?
Supercrooks #2 - Lenil Yu Here Yu proves for rouge Johnny Bolt, being bad isn't a gig, it's a lifestyle.

 What do you think?  
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  1. Pensol10:11 am

    I subscribed to A vs X; looks good. Can't hardly wait!

  2. Pensol10:12 am

    And Hulk-chan makes for an adorable Pooh! ^_^

  3. Awesome Pensol, and thanks for the comments. Look forwatd to your thoughts on the big brawl as things roll along!

  4. Who are you betting on for the win?

  5. JIM CHEUNG! Yeay!!! Always good and I'm eager to read that.
    And if you want to know who am I betting in, I'll say the Avengers! I like them more and more.
    Now my side that loves cute things is smitten with the Hulk cover. If you told me yesterday I would say THIS today, I would have laughed.
    A cute Hulk!
    And I have to say my younger one will be glad to see Iron Fist again :)

  6. Pensol5:38 am

    Who am I betting on? Doom. Because no matter the circumstances, Doom ALWAYS wins!

  7. I agree Pensol Doom always prevails! I always liked seeing him with Magneto to. Reminds me of those old Secret Wars activity books!

    Aliera, my side is the Avengers too. How can it not be with Widow, Vision and Ms Marvel?

    As for a cute Hulk, you're not alone, apparently Betty Ross used to find him the same.